Wrapped Products Go to Those in Need


When our customers permit and it is consumer safe, we donate all our FAT products to the local Food Bank for distribution to people in need. We might not have found this perfect outlet  for product that ranges from a few cartons to a pallet load if it were not for the fact that our President Kate Putnam sits on the board of The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

We are big fans of the Food Bank. It has over 400 emergency food agencies that depend on it for food and basic necessities for local families in the four counties of western Massachusetts. It also serves non-emergency providers with low cost food for programs for indigent seniors, children and shelters. While a lot of the products we test are food or candy, there are many timess when we are testing office supplies which the Food Bank can use to support its own mission or that of its emergency provider clients.

When food is not safe for human consumption, we send to local pig farmers. We think it gets back into the food chain in a different way. We don’t like to scrap anything that has a use.

Sometimes customers want their product back so that they can know it is not in circulation. This is a good way to protect product from getting on the black market.  If so, then it goes back with their new wrapping machine. We like the first one best, but we recognize the value in all three options.

Now you know what your options are when we use your product to test your new machine prior to shipping it to you.

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