What is Diefold Wrapping?

diefoldwrapping What is Diefold Wrapping?This popular process achieves an overwrap on a soft, non-box shaped product by enveloping it (sometimes placed on a card or U-board) in film or foil and sealing the bottom.

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diefold wrap style

The film forms either a box or circular shape around the product via a “die-box” in the machine’s elevator section. Limited application of heat (only to the bottom seal) gives the product a tuck-and-fold appearance that doesn’t need side sealers and won’t be crushed by the machine or melted by its heat.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are sometimes diefold-wrapped with one or two cups seated on a chocolate-colored U-board in cohesive film (which requires no heat for sealing). This has application for candies, granola and fruit bars,  cookies  and muffins whose manufacturers are looking for efficient use of film without the machine look of flow wrap.

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candy wrap

Package offers a table top version of this machine which is an excellent application for small volume candy and snack producer. It has already developed strong applications for wrapping individual candies and nutrition bars.

Look here to learn more about this machine. Contact sales@packagemachinery.com for further information.

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