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The New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) purchased a FAST Overwrapper from Package Machinery. The results are an incredibly reliable, robust machine that greatly improves quality and efficiency on our thin mint line where millions of packages a year are produced.
Bill Leva, former V.P. of Operations, NECCO

Welcome to 2015 Sausage wrapping is coming

we are working on developing some new machines including ones for sausage wrapping with paper. Please contact us for more info.

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Bundling To Reduce Packaging

Bundling Configurations There are multiple ways to bundle product  but two basic ones.  They involve creating the bundle in line, like soldiers or in layers side by side. Creating the Bundle In the first one the boxes are lined up like soldiers.  Since the most preferred method is to put the tuck and fold on […]

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***** ANNOUNCEMENT *****

Package Machinery Company, Inc. has sold its Intellectual Property and Assets to Marden Edwards Limited (United Kingdom) who are now in the process of transferring and integrating the Intellectual Property and Assets into its Business. You can contact Marden Edwards Limited (UK) using the following: For new machine enquiries usmachines@mardenedwards.com For new parts enquiries usparts@mardenedwards.com For general enquiries usinfo@mardenedwards.com For information on Marden Edwards Limited (UK) please visit our website www.mardenedwards.com.

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