FA-ST Servo Overwrapping Machine

The FA-ST servo overwrapping machine is the Global Technology leader in overwrapping machinery.

This workhorse overwrapping machine has origins dating back to the 1930’s and older machines from that time continue to operate. However it was also the first to provide servo technology for overwrapping.   This indicates how durable and practical this over wrapping machine truly was and is.  It is demonstrably flexible and faster than any tuck and fold wrapper on the market today.
The FA-ST Overwrapping Machine Will Wrap:

Trays, cartons, and bundles.

At Speeds:

Up to 150 packages per minute, depending on product and application. A high speed overwrapping machine option is available for speeds up to 180 per minute.

Customers have achieved less 10 minute changeover between products of three different dimensions, which makes the FA-ST over wrapping machine a great option for short SKU runs.

In Wrap Styles:
  • Diamond, “Tuck & Fold” Overwrap (also called cello wrap, gift wrap, cigarette wrap)
  • Endfold under wrap
Wrapping Media:
  • Clear or Printed BOPP
  • Standard Gift Paper
  • Glue Treated Paper
  • Waxed Paper
  • Cellophane
  • Compostable/biodegradable films
  • Metalized Film
  • kraft paper

See the FA-ST servo overwrapper Brochure for machine specifications.

Questions to answer before choosing a wrapping process and machine.

FA-ST overwrapping machine

The FA-ST is offered in versions ranging for three to eight servo axes depending on the needs of the product and the process.

Teartape, registered/printed film, collation into bundles, and glue systems are all options in addition to memory storage for up to 30 different SKU sizes.

Visit youtube to see the FA-ST servo overwrapping machine and other Package Machinery machine in action.

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