FA-ST Servo Wrapper Brochure

The FA-ST Series Servo Wrapping Machines with all new and exclusive “Universal Folding Line”

  • Wrap Boxes, Trays or Bundles
  • 10 Minute Size Change
  • Low Operating Costs

Discover Why the FA-ST Servo Wrapper is the “Overwrapper of Choice” in North America!

No matter what business you’re in, there’s no substitute for experience.

Package Machinery Company, Inc. brings the proven FA design into the 21st Century by incorporating the latest servo motion control technology.  Whether you are wrapping boxes, trays or bundles, with traditional materials or the most sensitive and sophisticated printed films and foils, the FA-ST Series Wrapper is the durable affordable choice.

No matter how high the quality of the product, it’s no good without honest, professional, sales and service.

Package Machinery’s Preferential Sales and Service standards ensure your satisfaction from the very first contact through many years of reliability.  Our well-trained staff of Sales and Service Engineers and Parts Technicians support you during the entire life of your Package machine.

FA-ST Marketing Advantage: Great Packaging, Wrap after Wrap!

Quiet running Allen-Bradley Servo drive components control all product and film movement with remarkable results for more marketable packages.

  • Just in Time. Product sensing engages the machine on demand, reducing the need for large batching and high Work in Process inventories. Auto speed capability quickly and accurately matches machine speed to produce backlog.
  • Wrap Appeal. Consistency, wrap after wrap, with a wider selection and sophistication of prints and films, can only be achieved by precise servo timing. More attractive wrapping means more sales.
  • Freshness and Tamper Protection. Tight, precise sealing ensures the freshness and safety of package contents.
  • Marketing Versatility. Whether introducing or repositioning your product, using standard or sophisticated films, foils or print styles, the FA-ST provides the flexibility you need to present your product in the best light, first time, every time.

FA-ST Production Advantage: Easy to Set-Up, Operate & Maintain

Touch Screen Operator Control

FA-ST’s single station, pedestal or machine mounted control provides a convenient located, simple to master operator interface.  The Allen-Bradley RSLogix Programmable Logic Control (PLC) precisely governs all film and product operations.  Programming is easily accomplished through the PLC’s touch screen unit.

“Dynamic Heat Control” – A Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) temperature algorithm dynamically governs power to the heaters.  Heater response is tuned for your application.  Ramp-ups are faster and controlled more accurately than conventional thermostats.  Less overshoot and precise working temperatures mean quicker set-ups, more consistent sealing and the ability to use the most advanced, heat sealable films.

All New ‘universal Folding Line” for Industry’s fastest 3D Changovers

Our EXCLUSIVE, tool-less, Universal Folding Line (UFL) minimizes the total number of product “size parts” to three.  3D size changes are now a breeze; taking less than 10 minutes including a change in film.  “Autowrapper” capability offers the utmost in set-up reduction technology.  Program the UFL and other change axes such that 90% of a changeover is done with the touch of a button!

FA-ST Value Advantage: Built-in Economy

The servo driven FA-ST Wrapper offers exceptional wrapping and operating economy.

*Less Film or Foil, Lower Cost.  Package overwrappers use 15-20% less film than flow or shrink wrappers.  Overwrap films cost considerably less than shrink films, multiplying the savings.

*Less Electrical Power.  Package overwrappers use less electrical power than shrink wrappers, while maintaining a highly desirable tight wrap.

*Bottom Line.  Electric power and film cost savins can represent as much as 30% of the cost of your Package overwrapper annually.

*Lower Maintenance.  Multiple servo motor axes reduce a machine’s mechanical components by 35% resulting in fewer replacements, less maintenance time and expense.

*Higher Speeds – Higher Throughput .  Precision repeatability through servo technology yields more packages per hour with fewer rejects, resulting in less waste, higher productivity.

*Jam Protection – PLC governed product sensors and servo current draw safeguard machine operation.  Jams are quickly detected and stop as the occur to prevent machine damage and to minimize film product waste.

FA-ST Safety Advantage: Safeguards with Style

The FA-ST Wrapper is equipped with a stylish, custom-fitted polycarbonate guard system.  Designed with accessibility in mind, all access panels are easy to open and have safety interlocks.  Thus, any opening of the guard system during operation stops all machine motion.


Warning labels alert maintenance and other personnel to possible hazards and a color-=coded stack light indicator alerts the operator to current machine status.  Emergency Stop switches are conveniently located to immediately stop all machine motion upon activation.

Industries Served

  • Media
  • Food
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical
  • HBA
  • Tobacco
  • Confectionery
  • Office Supplies
  • Retail Goods

Machine Specificaitons

Tables below denote standard machine specifications for the FA-ST Series.  Other package sizes and custom engineering is quoted upon request.  Evaluation is useful in developing project parameters, goals and feasibility.

FAST11 1/22922505 5/81421 1/8283 1/2903/810
FAST 211 1/22922507 5/81901 1/8284 1/41103/810
FA-ST413 1/234361528 1/22031 1/23871771/213

Table 1. FA-ST Standard Package Size Range

*All maximum dimensions cannot be used in combination.

FA-ST6 size machine is a concept and subject to change.  Large custom wrapper/bundlers can be quoted upon request.

 Roll WidthRoll DiameterCore DiameterFilm Cutoff
FAST17 1/44381 1/48220508376164064 1/4108
FAST 223 1/45901 1/48220508376164064 1/4108
FA-ST432 1/48201 5/89220508376225604 1/4108
FA-ST64010164100246106152276864 1/4108

Table 2.  FA-ST Film Roll Capacity

FAST9’0″2.76’126’01.81088820230/3/60 – 30AMP
FAST 211’0″3.36’1″26’01.82050930230/3/60 – 30AMP
FA-ST414’0″4.38’6″2.66’01.830001360230/3/60 – 30AMP
FA-ST614’0″4.310’0″36’01.836001640230/3/60 – 30AMP

Table 3. FA-ST General Machine Specifications.

*Specifications generic, subject to change depending on machine customization and options.

Standard Features

  • 4 to 6 Axes Std. (up to 9 Axes total) Servo Motion
  • Networkable Allen-Bradley Control Logix PLC
  • Swivel, color, touch screen operator terminal
  • “Dynamic Heat Control” and adjustable heaters
  • “On the fly” speed, film, and softcam settings
  • Off line Programming and Editing
  • Central lubrication blocks for easy maintenance
  • Jam sensors and film run-out sensor
  • Xylan coating on all film/product path components
  • Large diameter film roll capability
  • Color coded status stack light
  • Adjustable bottom seam location
  • Variable speed belt infeed conveyor
  • Self sharpening rotary knives
  • Safety interlaced guard system

Optoinal Features

  • Programmable film feed and photo registration
  • Self-cleaning overhead product transport system
  • Custom infeeds, pusher, pocketed, side entry
  • Low film indicator, code Dater, spare Film Roll
  • Universal Folding Line
  • Universal Tack Sealer with Retractin heaters
  • Internal Size/Spare Parts Storage Rack
  • Tear tape application
  • Pedestal mounted or pendant arm operator control
  • Special paint or stainless “washdown” machine
  • Locking casters
  • FA-ST Autowrapper

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