Wrapster Semi-Automatic Wrapper

The WRAPSTER Semi-automatic wrapper is a low cost, reliable, easy to operate, packaging tool that will help customers stand out from their competition through consistent and attractive wraps.

An Entry Level Wrapping Solution

Tricia and John show off the Wrapster overwrapper


  • Classic diamond “tuck & fold” wrapper.
  • Replaces the need for hand wrapping.
  • Wraps in clear BOPP film or commercial gift paper.
  • Easily changes between film & paper.
  • Market Versatility and Product Flexibility.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free.
Package Size Ranges
SA12″3 1/2″8″2″4 1/2″1″
SA-220″5 1/2″14″4″12″2″
Film Roll Capacity
ModelRoll WidthRoll DiameterCore DiameterFilm Cutoff
SA18″3 1/4″12″3″-“6 1/4″
SA-228″3 1/4″12″3″-“8 1/4″
Machine Specifications
SA~4′~2’6″~16″Under 100110/1/60 – 20AMP
SA-2~6′~4′~16″Under 100110/1/60 – 20AMP

* All specifications preliminary and subject to change. Maximum product speed range will vary depending on overall package dimensions and the film type selected.

Machine Dimensions:2 side by side table top size machines
Max Stroke Speed:targeted at 8-15 strokes per minute on tuck/fold station
Standard Electrical:110V/1Ph/60Hz, 20 AMP
Air Requirements:Std. shop air or small air compressor
Operating Modes:Manual / Auto
Safety:Guarding, awareness barriers, E-Stop, Dual Palmbutton advancement and Industry standard warninglabels are clearly visible.

• 2 side-by-side stations- 1) Wrap/Cut/Seal and 1)Tuck/Fold/Seal
• Standard heaters for the sealing of pre-treated (glued) paper or clear BOPP film
• “Quick Change” Size Part Components for 5minute changeovers
• Bottom seam or Side long seam operation
• Convenient digital heater temperature controls
• Teflon coated surfaces and folding line
• Operator Control with Manual, Auto, Reset functions, E-stop and warning lights
• Quick change film spindle which fits commercially available BOPP or gift wrap paper
• Integrated dual direction knife and long seam heater bar
• Adjustable, reciprocating side heaters
• Guarded heat points and pinch point warnings
• Fully synchronized product advancement and film sealing
• Allen Bradley-PLC and stepper motor for Programmable, self advancing film assist
• Film cut length and product location gauging
• Clamp/cut/seal assist for tack/bottom seal operation
• Double advancing pusher head for “product push” advancement
• Reciprocating/Time out Heater mounts
• Product Path clearing baton
• Installation, operation instructions

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