Personal Care Wrapping

Personal care.Wrapping protects your customer’s health and Package Machinery understands that.

Health, hygiene, time. That’s your deal. Your syrups ease away our coughs and fever each cold and flu season. Gentle swabs clean our ears, sterile pads clean our pores and PF factored lotions armor us against the shining summer rays.

Personal care perfection
This customer wanted a perfect precision wrap for its ultra-high end product…
View our Case Studies.

Personal care.Time is ticking away. You stop the biological clocks of aging baby boomers with herbs, cleansers, and supplements. You erase the lines of gravity with creams and lotions. People pay fortunes for your alchemy. Packaging is both the promotion and the fortress thereof.

Wrapping emboldens it and protects the gold inside from theft and tampering

Your channels are numerous. Their demands are ten-fold. We understand.

Box size A in quantity B for customer C today. Box size X, in quantity Y for customer Z tomorrow. The mega retailers demand the world. Your sales people promise it and more.
Clear BOPP film gives you the glistening, transparent, protection that permits the user to read about all the wonderful things your solution will provide.

Speeds from 30 to 60 are typical, depending on your upstream fillers. We can go faster if you need.

You have several different box sizes and need to change often. Quality control is stringent; weight, mixture, and packaging. Something the price of gold should look like gold.

Our wrapping solutions can help in that regard. We care, personally.

Unusual package design
This large personal care products company wanted high-speed production and very specific end sealing for its unusual packagingView our Case Studies.

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