Wrapping Machinery

Which Wrapping Machine is Right for Me?

We recommend ME Shrinkwrap’s shrink wrapping machines and systems for over-packaging projects

Replacing an existing Overwrapper?

Airtight Wrapping? Flow wrappers extend product shelf life.

What Expectations should I have from Package and for me?

Do you have used equipment available? Here is a current list of what we have in stock.

What questions should I be able to answer before purchasing wrapping machinery?

Wrapping machines come in many speeds and with many options. Here are some of the options to consider for narrowing your choices.

Fold AppearanceTypes of ProductsMachinery ChoicesWrapping Material OptionsFeatures
Diefoldsmall items such as individual candies and brownies, flat items, thin round itemsTTDFfoil, paper, filmdesigned for sealing on bottom only, requires flat bottom accommodates 5% variation in product dimensions and slightly more on height variation – speed range 15-150. minute
overwrap tuck and foldcrisp tuck and fold for boxes, trays or bundle of cosmetics and perfumes, food, office supplies, cards and napkins Bundlessemi-automatic Wrapster, Wrapster JR
paper, a waxed paper filmlong seam on bottom speeds6-180/minute

cosmetic seal
frozen food
quick changeover
bundling applications

Progressive fold
easy changeover for product sizes, BW is ideal for baked goodsBW/UEF-10 bundlerfilm, waxed papertolerates wider variation in product dimensions no size parts speed range 15-40/minute
candy bars filling applicationsRBpaper filmspeeds up to 15/minute


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