Training and Installation

Prior to Shipping the Machine

Package starts training early in the process.

Prior to completing and shipping the machine, we send you a pre-installation kit which includes Volume I of the manual, a machine layout drawing with utility connection points and a check list indicating what you must do to prepare the machine site. You’ll know what your responsibilities entail. We’ll ask you to begin considering who will be trained on the machine and who you envision will be the “go-to” guy for each shift. Ownership of the machine and process is crucial for a successful installation.

“Hands-on” training actually begins when you arrive at our facility for the machine Factory Acceptance Test or “run off.” This is a very important day. You spend time with the people who assembled your machine and the engineers who designed it. Any and all of your questions will be answered while you learn how your machine functions.

More so, it is important because it is your day. You are not being pulled away to deal with your plant issues, so you can focus on your new machine and learn its capabilities.

We don’t just recommend that you come for a machine run-off, we virtually beg you! We are flexible in how much time you wish to spend learning the machine here at our factory. It is a crucial step in the learning process; attention to the machine and wrapping process in an uninterrupted fashion and equally permits us to make on the spot changes of things potentially missed during the application review.

If you chose not to come, we will find another way to show you that the machine is ready for shipment. A video is often the easiest solution. While useful, please note that once the machine ships, our ability to make last minute modifications diminishes greatly. In fact, we will charge you for changes and modifications requested after the machine ships if you did not come to a machine run-off at PMC.

In-Plant Training

At the time of installation we will fine tune your wrapping machine, teach your operators, mechanics and plant engineers.

If you run a three-shift facility we will work a swing-shift arrangement to make sure that everyone knows their interaction with the machine.

What we expect to teach?

  • Basics and mastery of the overwrapping process
  • How to operate the touch screen controls
  • How to store recipes for your packages
  • How to set key process parameters such as speed, film cut-off, film centering and sealing temperatures
  • How to change over the machine for different product sizes
  • How to adjust and “tweak” the infeed, elevator and size parts and process parameters to improve wrap quality
  • How to troubleshoot the machine
  • Basic machine maintenance


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