Table Top Diefold Entry Level Wrapper

Entry Level Wrapper to Replace Hand Wrapping


For small items and individual wrapping for candies and other small items, the TTDF is an entry level wrapper that offers a simple, easy to use, inexpensive wrapping process. The TTDF offers opportunities to replace hand-wrapping of baked goods, candy bars and other  low volume products for growing businesses.

  • The sealing goes on the bottom. This makes it easy to accommodate products that do not have flat or rigid sides or are too thin for side sealing.
  • Pretreated paper, paper-backed foil or clear oriented polypropylene can be used
  • Round or rectangular products can be wrapped on the TTDF entry level wrapper.
  • The product can tolerate some variance in height, although side dimensions must be within tolerance.
  • The entire TTDF machine can sit on a kitchen table.

Performance and Ease of Use

The TTDF cycles up to 15+ strokes per minute. Throughput depends on operator, consistent product and wrapping material used. Easy operation by entry-level operators makes it possible to spend valuable time on higher level requirements.


Low acquisition, operation and maintenance costs render the TTDF a desirable option for entry level wrapping to anyone interested in venturing into attractive wrapping without significant financial risk.

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