TFW Flow Wrapping Machinery

Entry Level Flow Wrapping Machinery

Whether the product is round, has height variations or simply needs complete moisture or air protection, a flow wrapping machine from Package Machinery is an efficient alternative to more expensive machinery.

Unlike products for overwrapping, products for flow wrapping do not need to have a flat bottom, flat sides or a minimum height to be wrapped. They can have greater variation in dimensions without seriously impacting the quality and look of the wrap. This makes it exceptionally well-suited to baked goods or candy, where some dimensional variation should be expected.

The airtight nature of a flow wrapping machinery, especially when combined with the gas flush option, enhances product protection and lengthens shelf life.

Learn what questions to have answered before choosing a wrapping machine.

TFW-380 flow wraps round brownies

The benefits of flow wrapping include
  • extended shelf life. With a gas flush option this can be even longer. This is important for products with exposed grains, nuts or fruits.
  • air-tight packaging.  With the right film, flow wrappers provide a complete moisture and air barrier.
  • tolerance for varying size of product. Flow wrappers are easily set up to handle products with variation in product size, such as baked goods.
  • easy set up and changeover for multiple sizes. Changeover is quick and easy once parameters are  established.
  • speeds up to 160 packages per minute.

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