What is Overwrapping?


Overwrapping is a process in which a box-shaped carton, tray, bundle, etc. is wrapped and sealed. The only requirement for the package shape is that it have flat sides to be sealed. It is also called diamond-fold wrapping, tuck-and-fold wrapping, gift-box wrapping, cigarette wrapping and bundle wrapping. Tear tape is often used as an easy-open feature.

The end result looks like a “gift wrap,” with one long seam located either on the bottom or side of the package and each end of the package neatly “tucked, folded and sealed.” The first tuck-and-fold machines were designed in the 1920s by the original Package Machinery Company.

You can use a variety of relatively stiff, single- or multi-ply web materials including clear, printed and/or metallized polypropylene (PP), cellophane, paper, glassine, waxed paper, aluminum foil or metallized paper/BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene). You cannot overwrap with soft [polyethylene-based] films. Such films are too soft and have too much “give” to be used in overwrapping.

While you need heat to seal the film or set the glue (with paper), your heat needs are limited to the spots needing sealing.Overwrapping machines are built in elevator, in-line, turret or rotary styles.

Examples of overwrapped products include cigarettes, Easter “PEEPS” candies, CDs/DVDs, frozen food cartons, cartons/boxes of tea.

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