Guide to Evaluating Wrapping Machinery

When evaluating wrapping machinery, a buyer needs to consider the qualities that are required for the package. Look at our FAQs that you should be able to answer.

Manufacturers have different requirements of the packaging based on cost. Consumers have different expectations based on the content, the perceived quality and the overall appearance of the product. While they always want product protection in the packaging, for a food buyer, the principal requirement is the safety of the contents. For a cosmetics or perfume buyer, the quality of the wrap is critical to the value perception: perfect corners, perfect seals, high quality film, perhaps a biodegradable film. Sometimes the role of the film is to contain the product, such as a stack of cards or paper or a bundle of boxes.

Wrapping film needs to be able to handle production requirements as well. This means that the machine needs to seal in time with the speed of the overall line. It is important to make that calculation in order to get the seal needed in the time permitted.

Total Cost of Ownership
Total cost of ownership is a strictly internal calculation that includes the capital cost of equipment and the operating cost including ongoing materials cost, energy, downtime/changeover and maintenance. This is required to make a comparison between one process or piece of equipment and another.

Total Cost Assessment
Total Cost Assessment is the calculation of the cost of all that goes into making a product. Some of these costs are internal and some are societal. Internal costs are those that the company bears to make the product. Sometimes society tries to push the costs back to the manufacturer, for example paying for environmental clean up. Some are still born by society such as municipal trash pick up or water purification. Total Cost Assessment tries to calculate all these costs since the payor can change from society to manufacturer.

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