Our customers' consumers influence packaging


Sometimes it is important to think about the impact that our customers’ customers have on packaging and therefore on our business. Packaging is a critical part of process of influencing consumers.

An article by Kim T. Gordon, Identify New Consumer Norms notes that consumers have changed their behavior.  “Decitica has identified four distinct consumer segments: Steadfast Frugalists, Involuntary Penny-Pinchers, Pragmatic Spenders and Apathetic Materialists.

  1. Steadfast Frugalists make up about one-fifth of American consumers across all income and age groups. The vast majority of Steadfast Frugalists are committed to self-restraint, are the least brand loyal and expect their new shopping behaviors to stay with them for a long time. Many consider themselves tightwads, according to Decitica.
  2. Involuntary Penny-Pinchers have been forced to embrace thrifty shopping methods, but unlike the Steadfast Frugalists, they’re less likely to restrict themselves to buying store brands or generic labels. They have household incomes of less than $50,000, are largely in their 30s and 40s, and like the Steadfast Frugalists, six in 10 are women. The vast majority say they’re scared by the recession, are stressed, and they’re more worried about the future than other groups.
  3. Pragmatic Spenders have higher spending power, six in 10 are men, and they are largely individuals in their 60s from the Northeast and West. More than one-third of people with household incomes greater than $75,000 are in this group, and they’re more likely to resurrect their past spending patterns in the future.
  4. Apathetic Materialists tend to be under the age of 40, with most in their 20s, and fewer than 10 percent in the Decitica study admit to being very focused on value. They’re the least changed in their spending habits and future intentions.”

What impact are these new types of consumers having on your packaging? What changes do you need to make in  response? How can we help?

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