Affordable Candy Wrap Machine

KenDavison3 227x300 Affordable Candy Wrap Machine

Ken Davison getting ready for 2010 Sweets & Snacks Expo

We are very excited that we beat our own expectations for our newest machine. Our TTDF wrapper will run 50% faster than we thought. Now the questions is will the operators be able to keep up?

This machine is so simple and easy to use that you can plug it into a three prong outlet and attach a portable air compressor to be off and running. We think it the perfect machine for a candy shop.

Ken Davison will be at the Sweets & Snacks Show May 26-27 in Chicago. (This used to be the National Candy Show.) He is happy to talk to anyone who might be interested. You can email him  at to set up a time to talk or learn more or call him on his cell at 413.530.1927. You can follow Ken on Twitter @candymanKen.

photo13 150x150 Affordable Candy Wrap Machine

TTDF wrap by Package Machinery

Our first product for the TTDF turned out to be rolls of tape wrapped in foil, illustrated on the right.

TTDFwrap1 150x150 Affordable Candy Wrap Machine

diefold wrap on TTDF by Package Machinery

Our next two products will be candy. They are small (1x1x0.5 inches each) and will have a traditional diefold wrap illustrated on the left

One of these next two will have a heat seal option. The sealing is done on the bottom only.

The machine will wrap with  treated paper, waxed paper, foil or film.

All this from a machine with a footprint of 24x24x19 inches. How much better can it get?

For more information on the machine, look here.

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