Package Machinery Company, Inc. Launches the Table Top Diefold Wrapper


New entry-level packaging machine eliminates hand wrapping of candy and baked goods

West Springfield, MA (April XX, 2011) – Package Machinery Company, Inc. has launched the TTDF, Table Top Diefold Wrapper, an entry-level, semi-automatic wrapping machine for packaging small products up to 3 inches in diameter, such as candy, baked goods and non-food items. With a small footprint and simple operating controls, the Table Top is an economical packaging solution for smaller food companies with small-volume candy and snack production looking to transition from hand wrapping individual items. See video here.

Brownie wrap on TTDF diefold machine

Brownie wrap on TTDF diefold machine

The Table Top can wrap up to 10 items per minute or 500 items per hour using a wide range of materials that help extend product shelf life. Products are wrapped perfectly each time with a fast and efficient diefold process – tuck, fold and bottom seal. Creating a hand-wrapped, specialty look, diefold wrapping is a popular packaging application for caramels, chocolate, granola and fruit bars, and brownies.

“Hand wrapping several small items not only leads to sore fingers, but it is also time consuming. However, in order to take their product and company to the next level, business owners have to focus on the big picture – product development, marketing, and selling,” said Katherine Putnam, President, Package Machinery. “The new Table Top offers an easy-to-use, scalable, and affordable solution for food entrepreneurs to venture into automated packaging without significant financial risks.”

The Table Top Diefold Wrapper is the newest addition to the TTDF line, which includes the TTDF mini for wrapping smaller candies. Standing 30-inches tall with a 32 by 37 inch footprint, the Table Top is economical in its use of space as well as energy and uses a three prong plug for connecting to the power supply.  And, weighing approximately 80 pounds, the wrapping machine can be easily transported and set up to operate on a countertop or table top at any commercial kitchen. To accompany the entire line of TTDF wrappers, Package Machinery will soon release a new semi-automatic banding machine to provide a complete wrap for candy bars.

Package Machinery Company, Inc. designs and manufactures wrapping and bundling packaging machinery for consumer product goods such as bread and cakes, candy, cosmetics and perfume, food, paper goods and office supplies, personal care, as well as games and leisure goods. The company is known for providing attractive wrapping solutions for greater packaging sustainability and enhanced shelf appeal. Package Machinery is a women-owned business located in West Springfield, Mass.

For more information, visit, Package Machinery’s blog at, or follow Package Machinery on Twitter@wrapsustainably and @CandymanKen.

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