How fast can this wrapper wrap my product?


This is probably the second question we get asked when someone inquiries about wrappers. It comes right after “How much does a wrapper cost?”

It is painful to have to ask that the inquirer back up and tell us a little about their product.

What factors go into answering the question of how fast can the machine wrap?

  • what is the product? how consistent is it in size? in weight distribution over its volume?
  • Is there prior packaging? if so, how consistent is it and how well constructed? Wrapping reveals all the flaws in the consistency of the product and the strength of prior packaging.
  • How do you want your product to look when it is wrapped? See different wrap styles.
  • How do you plan to load the product into the machine? by hand? from a conveyor?
  • At what speed do you think you can consistently load? This question is critical when it comes to predicting how well a semi-automatic wrapper will  work for you.
  • What G force will the product tolerate (a necessary question for really fast operation)?
  • What kind of material do you want to wrap with? Learn more about wrapping materials here. Paper will not run as fast as film, all other things equal.
  • How perfect a wrap do you want? Appearance and wrap quality are critical for some applications, less so for others.

So the real answer is “It Depends!!” Call us with your questions at +1.413.732.4000 or email

We look forward to hearing from you. And let’s talk product before we talk speed or price.

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