Wrapping Frozen Vegetables with Waxed Paper


A certain percent of consumers prefer to buy their frozen vegetables in boxes rather than bags. The process calls for using waxed paper to wrap the boxes. Today we did a run off for a company looking to do a classic wrap: frozen vegetables in a box wrapped in waxed paper. They plan to run at 70 packages per minute but we did the run off at 80 packages per minute because it is good to know that it can handle any extra that might come in.

For those interested in running at higher speeds, we can handle that and still give you the benefit of servo wrapping: 65% fewer moving parts to break, need adjustment or replacement during changeover from one size to another. For running at 120-150 per minute, you need a pocketed infeed, rotary tuckers and possibly a fold back overhead transport that are not pictured here.

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