Economical Wrapping for Candy and other small items


Package Machinery is pleased to announce its new wrapping machine designed for small items. The new TTDF is perfect for supporting great wraps on small items such as individual candies.

While the new TTDF’s first application is for specialty tape wrapping in foil, Package Machinery has already taken orders for candy wrapping.

The new TTDF wrapper is semi-automatic and is designed to run at speeds up to 18 cycles per minute. Heat sealing is an option.  It can handle round, square or rectangular items up to one inch in height and up to 2 inches in diameter. A larger version will handle products up to 3.5 inches in diameter.

Wrapping materials can include foil, paper, waxed paper and film.

The TTDF can be plugged in with a regular three prong outlet for use with 10 amp/120 volt service. It requires 60psi compressed air to support its operation. With a 2 foot square footprint and standing only 19 inches tall, the machine is economical in its use of space as well as energy.

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