Wrap Candy


How many ways can you wrap candy? Here are various ways to wrap candy through basic automation.

  • twist wrap – the oldest way, and it is still being done especially for saltwater taffy
  • diefold wrap – like some Reese’s peanut butter cups or caramels
  • tuck and fold wrap with paper sleeve – high end chocolate bars still use this method
  • flow wrap – inexpensive and creates a long shelf life

All these methods have their plus and minuses. Those attributes that are necessary to your product and your operation on the ones you should give the most importance to.

Questions to ask yourself and your machine supplier

  • Am  I selling this candy individually or boxing/bagging/bundling multiples? Some wrap styles seal – others don’t. You want to protect the product from tampering.
  • Does my product contain fruits, nuts or grains that are subject to spoiling when exposed to oxygen? Some wrap styles are air-tight, others not. You want the shelf life to be as advertised.
  • Will my product be visible to my consumer through the wrap? Do I want it to be seen? How much labelling do  I need on the product I am wrapping? Labeling offers required information but also provides space for product promotion in crowded retail locations.
  • How much am I spending now to wrap the way I am doing it? You may know your materials cost including scrap, but labor has an implied cost even if you are doing it yourself or using friends.
  • How much growth do I reasonably expect? Will this wrapping machine support me in my business growth to the next level?
  • How consistent is my product size? Automated wrapping works best when the product’s dimensions and consistency are minimized.
  • How firm is my product? How much heat can it tolerate? Sealing requires heat in some proximity to your product.

Of course there are other questions, which we can brainstorm with you, but these are basic ones which will help you choose from various options. For more about wrap styles and their pluses and minuses, look here.

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