Caramel Wrapping Improved


Gourmet caramels are growing in popularity. They represent a small treat that does not break the bank but gives a moment of pleasure. Over the past few years,  I have had a chance to sample some of the best as we have built  TTDF diefold wrapping machines to wrap caramels.

Caramel wrapping has its peculiarities. For instance, the butter content makes it soft at, or even below, room temperature. That makes it hard to cut in uniform sizes and to hold its shape. It also makes it harder to present attractively. While chilling can help the process of getting caramels firm enough to cut, the wrapping of the caramel can have a big impact on the appeal of the content to the consumer.

twist wrapped caramel

twist wrapped caramel

Twist wrap, like that used in salt water taffy, does not enhance the caramel. Diefold wrapping offers the opportunity to support the shape of the caramel through a more structure wrap.  As you can see, the look is completely different.  You can use printed film, you can use stickers.

Which would you choose? Which would you eat?

Caramel wrapping Improved to a diefold wrap offers the best of option.

Diefold wrapped caramel

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