Positioning Printed Film


How important is registered  or printed film to your branding?

If it is important, how accurate is the positioning of your printed film?

6 pack bundle using registered film

6 pack bundle using registered film


seam is in the middle of the bundle

long seam is in the middle of the bundle but virtually unseen

Film positioning is critically important when working with printed film. It is how the manufacturer gets to communicate with the customer about the product they are buying. All the areas of the surface can be used for the branding and communication. Getting printed film positioned to be attractive and informative is hugely important.

The last thing anyone wants is for the film to slip from its marks. Mechanical positioning means that film can slip over time.  Looking at the mark every time means that the film is adjusted to the mark each and every time, so no slippage is allowed. For that reason we use a servo with a photo eye to monitor and control the film, so that the film is positioned and repositioned accurately every time. This means that corners can align with the printed film and almost the entire film surface can be used to convey important information.

Once when we were testing new film for a customer, our knife kept changing the cut length and our customers watching were very frustrated and concerned.  The film was too long or too short for the product. It seemed like the knife was behaving erratically until someone noticed that the cut sheets were all different lengths.  The film had nothing more than the mark on it, so we could not use other visual clues to guide us.  Finally someone got out a measuring tape and we measure the distance between cut lengths. It turned out that the marks were not evenly spaced. The over wrapper was adjusting each and every time the cut length to the mark.  It was reassuring to know that our overwrapper functioned just as it should, and the film producer was the source of the problem.

Whether you are using a six layer laminate or a combination of clear and printed material to highlight your product swell as inform your customer, getting the film positioned properly on the product accurately and repeatedly is critical.

Our FA-ST overwrapper and ILW over wrapper/ bundler will do that every time time as do our TFW flowwrappers. Call us at 413.732.4000 or email sales@packagemachinery.com to discuss.

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