Gum Packs FA-ST – Bundling

Customer Requirements: Economically wrap 2 packs of tab gum at 120 ppm output.

Challenges: the customer wanted the gum packs to be back to back and the side for opening was not even which could make a less perfect tuck and fold wrap.

Discoveries: Our film registration is servo driven and adjusts constantly to maintain position with the mark on the film. The film did not behave properly at run off and our adjustment mechanism could not keep up with the registration. After much examination of the machine, we looked at the film only to discover that the marks were not placed consistently on the film which they would be in a production run. Fortunately a representative of the film supplier was on hand and we were able to address the issue going forward.

Outcome: We were able to re purpose a used FA-ST to enable this contract packager to move quickly to secure this order.


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