Replacing an existing overwrapper

Your current wrapper is wearing out and you are thinking it may be time to get a new one.

What is making you think you need a new overwrapper?

  • the aftermarket parts cost is getting higher each year and you may need a complete rebuild.
  • you want to run different sizes of product but changeover time is forever.
  • downtime for repairs is slowing your whole line down.
Why a Package Machinery overwrapper?
  • Package eliminated 65% of the moving parts on our FA-ST, since it is an all-servo machine. You cannot replace parts that you don’t have to begin with. Most other overwrappers are all-mechanical.
  • recipe storage and quick change mean that some of our customers do 10 minute changeover. Store up to 25 recipes.
  • durable FA wrapping machines from Package are still in operation over 70 years later. Fewer moving parts on the FA-ST mean less downtime.
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