Does the Look of Packaging Make Food Taste Better?


In our last blog we talked about the reasons for packaging. Moving beyond product preservation, safety and simple marketing, there are degrees of complexity in the messaging that packaging gives.

It seems intrinsically obvious that packaging tells you something about the food it contains, but now a study shows that you actually can perceive a difference in taste based on the packaging.  More expensive packaging made cookies taste better to most consumers in the study.

The odd thing that came out of the study was that some companies choose less expensive packaging in order to hit different price points and maybe persuade the consumer to buy up.

Packaging designers are looking to engage more of the consumers’ senses with upscale packaging. Appeal to the eyes and to touch can make a big difference.

An open window that showcases the product also has an impact. It creates trust by offering transparency and is more common among more luxury products.

We are very proud that our wrapping machinery can wrap trays, as most overwrapping machines cannot. Trays offer the option to provide a window on the product inside and minimize the packaging at the same time.

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