Wrapping material as important as wrapping machine


When we are approached about buying a wrapping machine, often an inquiry regarding wrapping material follows on its heels. Over the lifetime of one of our wrappers, far more will be spent on the wrapping material than the wrapping machine itself. So it is an excellent idea to think about the material, its functionality and cost.
It is also likely that the material first used on a newly purchased wrapper will change over the life of the wrapper. Wrapping material, both film and paper, is in a constant state of evolution. Things that change include raw material sourcing, coatings, material thickness and printing. Sometimes the underlying material changes. Bio-sourced materials can replace inorganic ones.
At Package, we make an effort to test wrapping materials as we become aware of them. We are happy to try out new materials, different gauges or composites and see how they perform. We also are able to determine limitations of films for your applications and make recommendations. Common reasons we recommend changing films include it being too soft to make good folds or poor sealing.
We provide our customers with a film layout so they can work with their marketing department to determine the artwork for film and we support discussions around the choice of wrapping material and its impact on our customers’ customers.
While we have no allegiance to any one film supplier, we can make recommendations based on our own experience and that of our other customers and are happy to help with your decision-making process on wrapping material.
Links to articles on material selection include Wrapping film choices, Ways to wrap your product, andSustainability in Wrapping.  We hope these links are helpful. Please let us know if there is more information we can provide to you.
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