Reduce the Junk in the Packaging Process


There are times when it helps to think about how we live our lives and why we do what we do.

IMG_0446By my calculations I have lived over 35 years within 1.5 miles of the Connecticut River. I had been on it once as a child, when I was not allowed by my mother to put my hand in the water, and never again until recently. But the River has been changed by what people have been doing since my childhood. Last June I had the opportunity to kayak a stretch of the Connecticut River. I counted 12 bald eagles. As you can see, this particular eagle was unfazed by being observed eating his freshly caught lunch.

Last week I had the pleasure of repaying this opportunity by participating in the Connecticut River Watershed Council’s Source to Sea clean up.

I got to spend Saturday digging tires out of the remnants of a partially logged lot a half mile from the River that had been used as a dump site.

CT River Source to Sea  clean up

CT River Source to Sea clean up

By my calculations I dog up 20 tires, some with rims and the four of us removed 50 tires plus other junk from this particular site. While I am not the best recycler in the world, that amount of junk had a major impact in reawakening my desire to minimize my foot print. My husband and children may not be quite so grateful for my renewed vigor on composting and recycling.

For years we have talked about how overwrapping reduces the packaging foot print. Seeing the trash brought home to me how important it is to be passionate about helping our customers reduce their own foot print.

This time I spent hauling old tires is a part of why Package Machinery is so committed to help our customers reduce the junk in the packaging process and their impact on trash creation. Fortunately many of our customers are way ahead on this subject. They are motivated by reducing their footprint and doing right by their customers. We thank them for the honor of their business and hope we can continue to earn their trust.

Meanwhile I want to see more of the River in all its glory. I hope we can work with you to show you the efficiency of our wrapping machinery and that I can show you the River, cleaner than ever.


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