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Everyone is on the bandwagon about minimizing packaging materials.  And there is significant opportunity to do that with bundling. I read an article recently that discussed product and packaging shipability.  I always think about the issue from the packaging perspective but this pointed out that an investment in the product sometimes pays off in improved ability to survive transport.

“Shipability should also include the product’s ability to survive the supply chain.  No matter how dense a product packs and ships as it fills out the perfect cube for your pallet or trailer load, if it is damaged during the final mile before your customer gets it, the process failed.”

“If your product plus the packaging are greater than the rigors of your supply chain you are probably over spending on your packaging. If less, then you are going to see higher than normal damage rates.”

Clearly achieving that balance that minimizes the packaging while also minimizing the damage to the product prior to customer receipt is important and a balance worth finding.

How your pallet load  is composed is key to success. And looking at the combination of primary and secondary packaging can yield some interesting results. We were recently talking about how strengthening primary packaging (if needed) can result in a significant reduction in secondary packaging, for ultimate savings.

As we test bundles, we notice that the composition of the underlying product has an impact on the bundle strength – just as much as the tight and balanced wrap on the bundle does.  Stronger products make better bundles and are better able to stand up to being on the bottom of the pallet load.

We did a card wrapping project recently and saw that despite the tight wrap and our careful control of the wrapped product, the cards shingled slightly in the bundle and we ended up with something that like trapezoidal on the ends.  This small package tells us something about how difficult it is to construct a bundle that can handle being on the bottom of a pallet. Our success in doing so is a function of the control of the wrapping material and the product, but also the underlying product integrity itself.

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