Primary Packaging’s Impact on Bundling


I find the process of creating a new wrapping machine fascinating, perhaps even more because I am not an engineer. From there I wonder about how the packaging is created from a brand owner’s viewpoint.

A lot of thought goes into the package appearance on the shelf, the tensile strength of the packaging materials to support the contents, and the cost to wrap. Now a new factor of the equation demands consideration. The brand owner needs to think about how retailers will respond and what is the sustainability message of the product and its packaging. It is no longer enough to sell to the consumer through the packaging, the retailer needs a pitch too.

Given the pressure to reduce total packaging and the demands from retailers for shelf ready packaging that leave minimal secondary packaging to dispose of, brand managers and plant engineers are struggling to rethink their packaging and its marketing message.

Currently we are watching a brand owner rethink its packaging both for efficiency and for appearance on the shelf. It is starting from the beginning of the packaging line going all the way through the primary packaging and should result in significant savings to them.

Some brand owners are taking a different look and working the other way through their packaging line. They are saying we need to reduce secondary packaging and examine primary packaging in light of the need to reduce secondary packaging.

This is leading to our seeing a big increase in bundling applications, but we are also learning about some packaging justification processes.  Not only branding but product protection are being rethought in light of material usage.

If this is something you are thinking about, please discuss it with us. We are seeking opportunities work with forward looking companies on their packaging  reduction.

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