Wrapping Machines We Make, Wrapping Machines We Can’t


Wrapping is about branding and product protection. There are many ways to do branding and product protection and we get inquiries all the time for wrapping machines for a variety of applications. We like to think we are wrapping experts, but we also know our limitations.  So here is our little guide to what we do, what we don’t do, and why.

Wrapping We Do

Ovewrappers and Diefold Wrappers When it comes to a neat tuck and fold wrap, you cannot do better than our over wrappers. Technologically our machines are state of the art. We customize our machines for your application. For Overwrap or Diefold wrap there is nothing better than Package Machinery wrappers, whether it is semi-automatic, entry level machines or high speed servo overwrappers. Every box or tray looks better with a tuck and fold wrap. Overwrap uses the least amount of film and energy of all wrapping machines.

Flowwrappers We provide entry level flowwrappers for those products that need a barrier seal or do not lend themselves to the neater tighter wrap that overwrap provides. A lot of baked goods need the barrier seal and the gas flush can remove oxygen (which can make grains, nuts and fruits go rancid).  Sometimes the flow wrapper is a collation device for multiple small objects. You can usually skip the box or tray that you might need for other wrapping options.

Bundlers We also do servo bundling machines for larger bundles. Most recently this is being applied to corrugate replacement. Historically it was used for chipboard box replacement. It lightens the pallet size and load, and reduces costs of corrugate and transport. Bundles come in all sizes and so do our bundlers. Some use kraft paper and others use BOPP Film.

Wrapping Machines We Can’t Make

Shrink Wrappers We don’t make shrink wrappers. In fact, we don’t advocate for shrink wrappers because, for the most part, they use too much energy and too much film for the outcome they create. That may sound mean-spirited, but we view ourselves as trying to help our customers be as sustainable as possible. Shrink wrapping is not very sustainable, even if it is sometimes the only alternative. Although the capital cost for a shrink wrapper may be less than for an overwrapper, even that is not always the case. Plus shrink wrapping is not as pretty. It sometimes leaves holes and you cannot put printed graphics or information on the shrink film, so branding is more difficult.

Stretch wrappers stretch wrapping is used for larger pallets to keep the boxes or bundles together. We don’t make them but they are often necessary for pallet shipment.

Shrink Bundlers These are used most often to wrap trays of beverages.  Sometimes you can find them without a corrugate tray inside. This heavy duty process uses polyethylene film which is shrunk to conform to the case pack. It is very strong, although not pretty. We appreciate their value in the markets they serve, but we do not provide them.

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